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FX Rates – Jun 29, 2017

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The presence of the Credit Union on the Mona campus is something of an ancestral, or rather a s...
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Mrs. Verna McLean has been a long-standing member of the Credit Union. Her membership dates back to ...
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  Student Information

Student Revolving Loan Scheme
The UWI (Mona) & Community Co-op. Credit Union Ltd. in conjunction with the University of the West Indies has established a "Students Revolving Loan Scheme". This is a loan scheme which is provided by the UWI and administered by the Credit Union and allows students including those in Graduate Research to obtain a loan of up to $150,000 to assist with tuition fees. Each student will be required to become a member of the Credit Union before applying for the loan, with the minimum share requirement being $2,000. This may be taken from the loan after it has been approved. The period to repay the loan must not exceed the duration of the programme being pursued.

Loan Application
Terms & Conditions
UWI Student Loan Checklist
UTech & UCC Student Loan Checklist

Youth Savings (PLAN)
This is a savings account for minors. It facilitates parents wanting to open accounts for children up to sixteen years old primarily for education purposes.

Ordinary Deposit
Through our Ordinary Deposits a "safe haven" is provided for persons wanting to have money at their disposal to withdraw funds freely when needed.

Bill payment facilities are now available. Make payments for tuition or late fees, no voucher required, partial or full payments accepted. Payments may also be made on behalf of other major utility companies, using debit and credit cards.

Ezra Lewis Scholarship Fund
In 1998, the Credit Union launched the Ezra Lewis Memorial Scholarship to the memory of former President, Ezra Lewis. The scholarship was put in place to assist members, their spouses or their children with funding at the tertiary level. Since its inception several members of the Credit Union have benefited from the scholarship.

Application forms are available at the Office of Student Financing (OSF) on the UWI Mona Campus and also at the Credit Union, between mid February and May 31st of each year. Submissions should be made to the Office of Student Financing.

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Why Students Should Start Saving Now
We save, basically, because we can't predict the future. If we could, we would know precisely how much money we would need for the things that we want and need in the future. But because we can't do this, the need to save money for the future is vital. Read more

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